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Muromachiya Inc.


Our Value - Building Trust

Trust builds our partnerships, ideas demonstrate our value, collaboration makes us better, pride strengthens our culture and winning is our goal. We cares our partnership based on mutual trust. We deliver bold thinking and flawless execution that produce meaningful results.
株式会社室町屋は、信頼を築きあげることにより、ステークホルダーさまとともに優れたパフォーマンスを実現させる努力をいたします。ブランドを知れば、ブランドを見極められます。ブランドの評判を尊重すれば、 ブランドは称賛されます。ブランドを信頼すれば、 それを保護し、促進し、忠実になります。そして信頼は主張を作り上げていきます。



Strategic PR and Media

Our intimate knowledge of the Japanese media allows us to tailor our approach to our clients' businesses. We work closely with all major media outlets, from online media to blog media, to explore PR opportunities.



SNS・Online PR

Activities to increase SEO and buzz online are useful. We also manage social networking accounts such as IG, examine the target audience, consider the content, select images, think about the text and combine it with other online tools to promote effectively. We propose various forms of community building, such as organising live shows.


Writing Work

In addition to writing press releases, newsletters, internal newsletters and external publicity material, I also work as a writer. For example, contributing articles. We work with the media by finding stories, conducting interviews and writing articles. Online articles are particularly influential and effective for SEO. We also have professional designers so that we can organize both writing activity and creative activity.




Quora - Q&A platform that empowers people to share and grow the world's knowledge

We conducted proactive PR activities for Quora, a leading US start-up and knowledge-sharing platform. We also worked with a number of media, companies and institutions to promote Mr DiAngelo's PR activities, including TV interviews, magazine coverage, talk shows and speeches following his visit to Japan by Adam DiAngelo, CEO of Quora and the first Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Facebook.


Canada Northwest Territories PR 

We are responsible for the PR activities of Tourism Canada Northwest Territories, including the management of social networking sites and the promotion of PR activities to attract the interest of the younger generation, such as Generation Z. We are also actively involved in the experiential coverage activities of top influencers (Youtubers). Our popular Youtuber coverage projects have resulted in extremely high KPIs and we have gained the trust of local government officials.



News & Information

ニュース & インフォメーション



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